TRISTEP SHOE INDUSTRY is aware that its competence superiority which has developed and changes fast since its foundation has been obtained with brain power in which investment has been made.

TRISTEP SHOE INDUSTRY has determined perfectionism and increasing and developing performance value of all activities as the primary principle. We sincerely believe the necessity to provide equal work opportunities without paying regard to age, sex, nationality, race, ethnic, religion, political approach and physical condition. This principle is valid in all stages of our business life from work job advertisements to employment and appointment, from promotion to status change, from various applications related to employees to salaries and other auxiliary rights and training choices.

Providing quality, quiet and warm working condition, where individual and institutional values are shared by paying regard to tangible and intangible rights of employees, is one of our main purposes.

We are aware that keeping and developing the loyalty of employees to their company on the forefront by following a transparent and equal management policy is the main criterion for the protection of brain force that we have.

Our primary principles are to always keep our goals high, to protect our leader structure in the sectors in which we are active, to be a world brand by creating differences, proving permanent superiorities, and to share this success with all our employees.

On the way of becoming a world brand, enabling an opportunity equality among all our employees by developing the motivations of our employees constitutes the main pile of our human resources approach.

Providing training and individual development opportunities to our employees, and increasing their productivity to the highest level by creating their career maps on the course of our policy is our veins feeding us on this long road.

The thing that has brought our company to this point is that the culture and main principles of our company has been adopted by all our employees, and that all our employees, especially our top management staff, keep themselves open to continuous learning and developing.

Our primary policy is to review our human resources applications according to current conditions, to update them so that to enable them to develop continuously by keeping them in a dynamic structure.