Companies being able to be successful in the long run depends on their reliability and their actions within this framework. Actions which are not ethical will prevent competent economy from developing, give opportunity to structures out of books and affect the market system negatively, and cause the resources not to be used efficiently.

Honesty and Reliability

Honesty and Reliability are our primary values in all of work processes and our relations. We act with honesty and straightforwardness in our relations with the employees and shareholders.

Confidentiality and Protecting Commercial Secrets

Information and documents provided by the company which are required by position, commercial secrets, financial and other information which has not been disclosed to the public, secret information of personal rights of the employees and secret information in the agreements made with third parties are evaluated within the framework of confidentiality and protecting commercial secrets.

Clash of Interests

Employees of the company conscientiously avoids actions that will result in clash of interests and attention for protecting interests of the company while working. They avoid all behaviors and actions that may mean gaining advantage for themselves or for their relatives. The employees are not permitted to gain personal interests which are not suitable and to provide advantage to their relatives or 3. Parties because of their positions and because of clash between personal interests and company interests, in any condition.

To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level at each circumstance developed by giving service with our high quality standards.

To carry out our production by adhering to our ethic rules in order for our customers to be able to provide their needs and rights at the highest level according to realities that the information age has brought,

Our Responsibilities

1. Our Legal Responsibilities

We carry out all activities and procedures within the country and at abroad within the framework of T.R. laws and international laws, we present correct, complete and understandable information to regulatory institutions and organizations.

2. Our Responsibilities Towards Our Customers

We focus on customer satisfaction, we work with a proactive perception which responds the demands and needs of our customers in the most correct way as soon as possible. We presents out services on time and with the conditions we have promised. We approach to our customers within the framework of rules of respect, honor, justice, equality and courtesy.

3. Our Responsibilities Towards Our Employees

We enable the employees to use their personal rights completely and correctly. We approach to employees honestly and fairly, we promise a working environment, which is not discriminatory, but safe and healthy. We show necessary effort for the individual development of our customers, support them to be volunteer for suitable social activities in which they will participate with the sense of social responsibility, protect the balance between work life and private life.

4. Our Responsibilities Towards Our Suppliers/Business Partners

We behave fairly and respectfully as expected from a good customer, we show the necessary attention in order to fulfill our obligations on time. We protect secret information of the people and institutions and business partners we work with care.

5. Our Responsibilities Towards Society and Humanity

Protecting democracy, human rights and environment, education and charities, removing crimes and corruptions are very important for us. We act mindfully in societal matters as a pioneer with the consciousness of being a good citizen; we try to participate in the suitable activities in NGO's and services for public welfare. We act mindfully towards traditions of cultures of Turkey and other countries with which we perform international projects. We don't give and accept any products and services like presents whose values exceed the purpose or as a bribe.


To fairly treat all people and institutions with which the company has relation from hierarchy within the company to international trade.