To be a company by respecting the times and rights of our customers and by creating value for our customers and employees,

To keep values of morale of our employees at the highest level,

To fulfill our responsibilities towards human, environment and global values,

To give service with our high standards, to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level according to the each circumstance developed,

BTo perform our production by adhering to our ethic rules in order for our customers to be able to provide their needs and rights at the highest level according to realities that information age has brought.


We surprise and give inspiration to our customers,

Our vision is to open new frontiers in the sector by widening our expertise areas in the products we produce, to keep their satisfaction at the highest level by exceeding increasing needs and expectations of our employees and our customers, to continue our leadership for ages by creating values at the highest level to our customers, employees, business partners and society.

We inform our customers of their rights and responsibilities on the subjects which are within the scope of our production according to laws, we encourage them to share information.

We, together with all of our employees, work according to both occupational ethics and our ethical rules.

We continuously develop our product quality and processes.

We aim at zero accident and injury, we provide safe and healthy work environment for all of our employees.

Our Values